Part II: Top 10 Lessons Learned From My Father-In-Law

Top Ten Life Lessons Learned from Lou on the event of his 90th birthday:

My father-in-law is a retired Marine colonel, who worked for the Rand corporation, a think tank, in Santa Monica, CA, and did some amazing things. When he visits us from his home in Rancho Santa Fe, he is definitely the most valuable and beloved dinner guest among my intimate circle.

These lessons have helped me through the bad times, and to define who I am. I did not realize how much I had learned until I wrote them down.

  1. Make a list every day, and do the most difficult item first thing in the morning. Everything else will be easier after that.
  2. Your generosity and willingness to help us get established, and be involved in our lives, modeled for me how I want to be in my children’s lives.
  3. You taught me how to prune my roses – a garden is a wonderful thing. I have a vegetable garden now, too, that I absolutely love.
  4. Be strong in the face of adversity, and just keep pushing forward even in difficult times.
  5. Structure, consistency, and routine equal results.
  6. Setbacks are inevitable; it’s how you move forward from there that determines the outcome long-term.
  7. Character matters as does intelligence and integrity. Get educated and do the right thing.
  8. You soothed me when I was worried about my children and questioning myself. You reminded me of what an important role a Mom plays in her children’s lives.
  9. You tried to anchor me and talk me through difficult times and decisions. That meant the world to me, just to have that voice of reason, and shoulder to lean on. I learned how to do that for others from you.
  10. Financially speaking, compounding works – plan for the future.

I am and we are, thanks to you!

Ger xo


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