Part 1: Letter To My Father-In-Law

Dear Lou:

Happy birthday to the most wonderful father-in-law & grandfather in the world!

When Stuart introduced me to you twenty-five years ago, you reminded me of my Dad whom I adored. Like him, you were an engineer, you played bridge, you loved your garden, you were well read, and you were interesting to hang with.  

We ate delicious meals together at your home in Pacific Palisades, and I used your office to do my college assignments before I owned my own computer – what a gift!  I remember us fondly chatting and sipping wine by the fire, in the living room at your home.

You took us penniless students to dine in picturesque restaurants along Pacific Coast Highway, to visit beautiful wineries, and even to see concerts at the Hollywood Bowl – all fond memories embedded in my brain. Having grown up in the dreary fog and dampness that was Ireland – I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Sunny California, great people to hang out with, college bound – life was good.  

I was smitten with you and Stuart. You were both gentlemen, and we had fun and took road trips together, and grew to love each other. I always appreciated the fact that I had a family here in the U.S, and was grateful for the opportunity to create new traditions and a home away from home.

I learned so much from you over the years, and I’m a constant learner so that was a great pleasure for me. I have assimilated some of the lessons that I learned from you into my life, and hopefully am passing along to your grandchildren, Colin & Claire. I am sharing those lessons now with our extended family on your 90th birthday.

Thank you for being the leader, and patriarch, of our family. Now you can relax knowing that you established a strong foundation and did a great job. We love you Grandpa Lou!

Ger xo

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