Housekeeper Anyone?

Housekeeper Anyone?

Life, business, work, and being a mom is sometimes overwhelming.  I experienced this, and other women have shared their challenge around that too.

I found a way to create the time for me. Strategy is not limited to business – sometimes we need to find a way in life also. I decided having spent many Saturdays cleaning my house, while my husband at the time went surfing, (and no that is not why we divorced. In fact, I loved the way he came home so upbeat after surfing, and how joyful he was following his time in the ocean. I digress…),  I wanted to be able to get lost in an activity like that and feel that joy. But my time was limited. My husband found a way – men, more so than women, tend to follow their passion in terms of getting that time for renewal.

For every problem there is a solution – the kindergarten lesson still holds true. A housekeeper could free my time up. With two small children, and working full-time, I decided it would be a blessing to come home to a clean house on a Friday. It also allowed me the freedom to spend time having fun with the children over the weekend. For some reason, prior to that, I did not feel worthy of that kind of help. Well, I got over that, and took to it like a duck to water. My life opened up. I’m a neat nick so having things organized and clean is important to me, and having a housekeeper freed me up to be happy, not cleaning kitchen floors and bathroom and resenting my life.

I told my sisters, (I have 5),  that having a housekeeper was better than sex and they followed suit, and agreed, yes it contributed to our overall happiness.


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