Finally. Stop Drowning in Work. Start Living.

Fed up with a to-do list that’s never complete – emails, piles of work, clutter, and goals that go unfulfilled? Ready to start investing far more of your time in what you truly love — while also making your work and business flourish? It’s not just possible: it’s attainable.

I studied entrepreneurship before it was a buzz word. After moving to the CA from Ireland with $500 in my pocket, I pursued and completed my degree in business entrepreneurship and went on to become a successful investor, magazine publisher, founder and president of the Bay Area’s premier real estate investing organization, and most importantly of all: a mom.

I wasn’t born with all the skills it takes to achieve a perfect flow in my life. It’s been a journey an evolution. I learned through trial, error, testing all manner of things, and years of working with successful entrepreneurs and investors both via my work and in my personal life. I kept asking myself, and my colleagues, the hard questions.

Is it possible to get stuff done, relish every day every moment while thriving?

This is my story:

For each individual it’s different. For me it’s all about balance, it’s about enjoying every day and creating an environment that is nurturing, joyful, and focused on being present at whatever I’m doing. Whether that’s completing a big work project, or running to the store to pick up fresh food for dinner, or driving my children to school, I have made the decision to be present for all of it and even enjoy the minutia that makes up a life. This one seemingly small decision has made all of the difference in my life and can in your’s also.

Silicon Valley is an amazing place to live. At my local Starbucks, I can meet an entrepreneur who is changing the world building something that could cure cancer or developing the next technological breakthrough that will impact people across the world. It’s full of over-achievers who accomplish brilliant things, but it can also take an expensive personal toll. That was me too. However, I made a decision to change that and now I enjoy each day as it unfolds. I’m mindful of the end goal, which for me is to live a meaningful life and impact those I touch in a positive way. It may be different for you, but I have discovered what works for me. I don’t need more stuff, I want to have a loving relationship with my children, enjoy great friendships, volunteer, share my gifts, relish every day whatever that brings.

I love to get stuff done, and being productive and being happy are not mutually exclusive. For me being accomplished makes me happy but it is getting that balance that is a challenge. I’ve explored that balance and discovered that when I’m intentional about what I want to achieve in a given day – I accomplish more, and enjoy more contentment all round. You can too.

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