Geraldine Barry emigrated to California from Ireland with only $500 in her pocket. Through her determination, planning, organizational skills, and sense of humor, she has created a life where she can do what makes her heart sing every day.

Her philosophy of investing strategically in real estate has put two children through private school, gives her the freedom to live a life dedicated to making a positive change in the world, and has assured her secure retirement – and all this as a single parent.

Widely regarded as an “Icon in the Silicon Valley real estate investing world,” Geraldine provides investment counseling and personalized financial plans and investing opportunities to real estate investors, high net worth individuals, and real estate newbies alike.

Geraldine founded and previously served as president of the SJREI Association, Silicon Valley’s hub for investment inspiration, forging connections, and building a reputation for calling the markets and leading by example with her own portfolio of investments. She was publisher/founder of REI Voice magazine and in that position interviewed every major player on the real estate landscape from economists to industry thought leaders.

Geraldine attributes her success to a willingness to learn along with others, a steady supply of green tea, and the habit she learned from her father of being productive and beginning each day in the early hours of the morning. Geraldine lives in Silicon Valley, the entrepreneurial capital of the world and loves it, with her two children Colin and Claire

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